Global warming

  1. Some statistics that show that the average temperature of the Earths surface is increasing are “the warmest ten years of the 20th century were between 1985 and 2000.Another statistic indicates that surface temperatures have risen by about 1F since late 1800s”.
  2. To driving cars that use a lot of gas.
  3. The hypothesis that scientists make about people contributing to global warming that they burn fossil fuels.
  4. They project that temperatures will keep increasing if we continue to not care about the environment.
  5. People should stop using gas cars and use hybrids and we should stop burning fossil fuels.

What Is An American?

  1. Celebrating Thanksgiving, playing jazz music, and wearing jeans.
  2. A different communities own traditional meals, music, and holidays.
  3. Resourcfulness, making do with things, and improving our lives.
  4. Divide because of different beliefs.
  5. Because we do our own thing we bring out own opinion to things and add things.

weekly passage

  1. Women have fewer talent in these areas, women spend times with their families , and they don’t really have jobs. He upseted people by saying this
  2. They say that it is more of a male thing to do.
  3. By them incouraging  them or believeing in them.
  4. They are interrupted more than men and professors favor males.

Weekly Passage

The two sums that the families differ by the causes of the deaths messing with the compensations.

Because it wasn’t suppose to happen and it was unexpected

They can move to another place to forget about the past or could help them by buying the right supplies to make sure it won’t happen again.

Religious people believe that everything should be equal it can happen to anyone.

They let terrorist into they’re airline without anyone know and now they can’t be trusted.

Last Meal

I would have grilled lobster

Medium rare steak

Loaded bake potato with craw fish and shrimp

Fried chicken


Ice cold powerade

Lemade/Tea mixed

Ice cold Hi-C

I choose this meal because really fills me up and I’ll be able to really mix the flavors.